Vocabulary is a huge part of learning a language. Take a minute to review these pages and the suggested study materials.

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Over 400 phrasal verbs with detailed explanations and ever-so-easy-to-follow exercises.

An excellent reference book for lower to upper intermediate and whereabouts.

Complies with norms comparable to the GSL (General Service List)

Updated with the latest FCE vocabulary up to December 2010.

Get the meaning straight!

Phrasal verbs, idioms, their meanings and plenty of exercises.


Have you ever been baffled while choosing the best word, when more than one word seems to be THE answer?

Master the use of English Paper 3 with ease!

Write Paper 2 tasks accurately with varied vocabulary!

Impress the oral examiners in Paper 5!

Thematic approach to vocabulary

Complies with the 2008 and later FCE specifications

Workbook with answers and explanations

129 pages

05 General Vocabulary
01 Adjectives to nouns
02 Compound adjectives
03 Compound nouns
04 Confusing pairs and false friends
07 Contrast and comparison
08 Expressions with get
10 Human actions
13 Make or do
15 Materials
18 Modified words
19 Noises
21 Nouns and verbs to nouns
22 Opposites 1
24 Opposites 2
25 Opposites 3
26 Phrasal verbs
36 Prepositions
38 Shape and size
40 Spelling
41 Verbs to adjectives
42 Verbs to nouns
46 Topic Specific Vocabulary


46 Working words
47 Accommodation
50 The arts
52 Character and personality
53 Clothes
55 Crime
57 Education
59 Food and drink
61 Free time activities
62 Geography
63 Health
65 Learning languages
66 The media
68 Money
70 Nature and the environment
72 On the road
74 Physical description
76 Relationships
78 Services and facilities
79 Shopping
81 Sport
83 Travel and holidays
86 24 hours
88 Weather and natural phenomena
90 Work

Only Banking and Finance Vocabulary!

Workbook with answers

Only Verbs!

With answers and explanations

When is it necessary to use a to infinitive or ing?

What is a gerund?

What are participles?

An excellent refresher or self study material for English courses.

Tenses, infinitives, gerunds... you name it!

Grammar Made Understandable!

With answers and explanations

Absolutely essential indeed!

Weekly self-paced lessons




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