Read the selection below. Some of the lines contain an extra, incorrect word. If there is an extra, incorrect word write it in the . If the line is correct, type


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Example: 0 and 00

A Holiday Job
0  Congratulations on getting over your teaching diploma. Your
00 parents must be really proud of you. I've got some great news.
One of my father's friends who has a small travel agency, and
2 she has been very kindly given me a holiday job. It was
3 difficult in the beginning because I tend to find it very hard to
4 get up in the morning. My boss is very keen on some punctuality,
5 and because I was often late I got into terrible trouble
6 at first. So I make sure of I'm always on time now. I have to
7 work very hard and, although the pay isn't much good, I'm
8 quite enjoying myself so far yet. The main thing I've learnt
9 to do is how to give up detailed information to customers over the
10 phone. Unfortunately, I also have to make the coffee and do other
11 boring things! Sometimes there's no-one except from me in the
12 office and it gets really busy. I intend to work until the end of
13 the month and then I'm going off on a short holiday by the
14 sea, where I just hope I'll manage to relax myself on the
15 beach before going back to college in next month


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