Read the selection below. Some of the lines contain an extra, incorrect word. If there is an extra, incorrect word write it in the . If the line is correct, type


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Example: 0 and 00

Looking For A Job


0  I finished university six months ago and I've got a degree in
00 business administration. I enjoyed do the course very much
although I realise I should have been studied a lot harder! A few of
my friends have already got all full-time jobs but most, like me, are still
waiting for something suitable to turn up. Meanwhile, I make sure that
4 I keep myself being busy. I look through the job advertisements in the
newspapers every day and I also ask all the people I know to tell
me if they will hear of any vacancies where they work. What I'm
7   looking for is something challenging, and I would certainly be happy
to move to another city or even work myself abroad for a while. The
salary is not so important at this stage, provided I earn enough for to
10 live on, because I don't want to continue having to be depend on my
11 parents, although they are very much generous to me. At the moment,
12 I'm working in a nearby restaurant two evenings of a week, washing
13 up and generally helping out, which brings in a little bit money. The
14 other people who working there are very friendly, and many of them
15 are in the same kind situation as me, so we have lots to talk about.


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