Grammatical Coherence: Paraphrasing, complementation exercises.

Extract adapted for interactive practice from the book Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation, which provides you with extensive practice and explanations.

Art Vazquez, COTE


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Fill each of the blanks with a suitable word or phrase.

1. If this type of research , it must be carefully supervised.
2. Since
acupressure, he has noticed a tremendous improvement in his migraine.
4. He had tried several times
5. For the first twenty-four hours the treatment worked because I didn't
like a cigarette.
6. By the time we
the plane had just left.
7. I am really
to seeing you and your family again.
8. It's time you
some decision about your future.
9. How out for a meal tonight?

10. Until recently, the suggestion that pop music might be used to train athletes
as a joke.

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