Vocabulary Exercises

Extract adapted for interactive practice from the book 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions, which provides you with extensive practice and explanations.

Art Vazquez, COTE


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A linguistic expression corresponding to the process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue or source) to another particular subject (the target)

For the following questions, choose the answer that best completes the comparison. Consult a dictionary to help you.

1.polite :gracious ::cordial :

a. courteous b. confident c. comfortable d. bold

2.embarrassed :humiliated ::frightened :

a. courageous b. agitated c. terrified d. reckless

3.scarcely :mostly ::quietly :

a. secretly b. rudely c. loudly d. silently

4.candid :indirect ::honest :

a. frank b. wicked c. truthful d. devious

5.control :dominate ::magnify :

a. enlarge b. preserve c. decrease d. divide

6.exactly :precisely ::evidently :

a. positively b. apparently c. narrowly d. unquestionably

7.meaningful :insignificant ::essential :

a. basic b. important c. unremarkable d. unnecessary

8.simple :complex ::trivial :

a. inconspicuous b. significant c. permanent d. irrelevant

9.neophyte :novice ::pursuit :

a. passion b. restraint c. quest d. speed

10.regard :esteem ::ambivalence :

a. uncertainty b. withdrawal c. resemblance d. injustice

11.elated :despondent ::enlightened :

a. aware b. tolerant c. miserable d. ignorant

12.divulge :conceal ::conform :

a. construe b. differ c. retain d. offer

13.restrain :curb ::recant :

a. foretell b. retract c. entertain d. resent

14.admire :despise ::praise :

a. ravage b. surrender c. admonish d. warn

15.advance :retreat ::curtail :

a. damage b. discard c. consume d. prolong

16.implant :embed ::expel :

a. beseech b. oust c. accept d. examine

17.assemble :convene ::categorize :

a. systematize b. dismiss c. congregate d. alternate

18.grind :crush ::demolish :

a. divulge b. check c. pulverize d. steam

19.continuation :sequel ::scheme :

a. supplication b. management c. aftermath d. plot

20.phase :segment ::epoch :

a. document b. institution c. era d. emotion

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