Read the text and then write one word that completes each appropriately.

Gone Fishing

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At his very moment, all (1)the world, thousands of people are waiting (2)work to finish so (3)they can head for favorite spots or riverbanks, seashore or bobbing boat.

Fishing is, in fact, the world’s (4)popular sport and, of course, it can (5)many different forms – children with bamboo sticks can (6)fishing in the local stream, (7)more experienced sports people may prefer fly-fishing for trout in highland rivers or big-game fishing in the open ocean. For some, it’s (8)exciting sport, something to set the heart racing, while for (9)it’s pure relaxation. Many people fish in (10)to wind down after a hard week of work or study and for (11)actually catching fish is not the most important aspect of the sport. Others (12)forward to going home with the makings of a meal, and many people would argue that (13)is nothing more delicious than fresh fish you (14)caught yourself. If you are interested in taking (15)fishing there is no shortage of helpful books which will (16)you good advice about when and where to begin and the equipment you will need.



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