Read the text and then write one word that completes each appropriately.

Shaving, Past and Present

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The average man has 30,000 small hairs (1)his face and shaving accounts (2) about ten minutes of his tie each day.

The first man to shave used (3)sharpened shell to remove unwanted facial hair and the first razors were made (4)heavy bronze or iron, making shaving difficult (5)painful. The ancient Greeks preferred the clean-shaven look (6)beards. For them it was a sign (7)noble birth and status. Alexander the Great always (8)sure that his soldiers (9)shaved before commencing battle, thus ensuring the enemy would (10)unable to grab them (11)their beards. In 17th century Russia, Peter the Great imposed a beard tax (12)encourage shaving, while the British navy (13)to reward bearded seamen with a few pennies a day in an effort to conserve water.

These days the average man in Britain spends about three hours a week (14)his personal appearance, (15)the average woman spends three and a half hours. Over 50% of men, however, say that they hate shaving because (16)leaves their skin dry and sore.



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