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Tower of Pizza

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Pizza, like most fast food, started (1) as a peasant food. It was simple, cheap and filling, and usually very good (2) it was made of local (3) . And then came into (4) with the USA, and the USA corrupted it. The USA, as we all know, is a land (5) opportunity, and so when the food of immigrant peasants was (6) to the USA, it got upgraded, or downgraded, depending (7) your point of (8) . In the case of pizza, the simple (9) of a thin, crisp dough bottom and intensively flavored tomato puree, cheese and anchovies, etc., (10) turned into an industrialized production process. The dough (11) mixed with sugar to make (12) sweet and injected with fat to make it easy to eat, and then it was topped (13) almost everything you can imagine vegetables, meat and even fruit!

So, if ever there was a reason for do-it-yourself cooking, it is to restore pizza to its (14) simplicity. In an ideal world this would (15) building your own wood-fired pizza oven, but a lot (16) be achieved with a gas oven and a food processor in your own kitchen.



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