Read the text and then write one word that completes each appropriately.

Story of an Island

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In the summer there are five times more people (0) on the Greek island of Castellorizo (1) live there in the winter. Most of the visitors come (2) Australia and most of them (3) born on Castellorizo. Although more than 30,000 Australians are of Castellorizan descent, today there are no more than 190 people living on the island, (4) has an area of only nine square kilometres. The Australian historian Nichola Pappas, who recently wrote a book (5) the island and its history, says that as many (6) 10,000 people are thought to have lived on Castellorizo in the 19th century. According to Pappas, (7) most Greek-Australians emigrated after the Second World War, Castellorizans have been moving to Australia (8) the 1880s. Most of them settled (9) Sydney, Perth or Darwin, and some of (10) wealthiest people in Perth today are of Castellorizan origin. No one is sure why (11) many people from the island have decided to move to Australia. Pappas thinks it is (12) the islanders were traders and shipbuilders (13)than farmers, and this background (14)made them less afraid of distances and able to feel (15) home more easily in new places.



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