Read the text and then write one word that completes each appropriately.

Write On

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Beautiful handwriting (or calligraphy) is within everyone’s (1). With a few basic tools, and even fewer basic techniques, you can (2)everyday writing into something really rather beautiful.

Ever since the ancient Egyptians first developed a system of symbols for writing (3)words, calligraphy has been one of the simplest and most beautiful art (4). The continued popularity of calligraphy is not (5)to understand. Almost everyone learns how to write as a child, and calligraphy is (6)a way of making your writing more beautiful.

With care, attention, and just a little practice you can (7)the different styles and give your letters real elegance. Beginners will find that in a relatively (8)space of time they can (9)invitations, greeting cards and a host of other items.

But perhaps the (10)reason for the popularity of calligraphy is how easy it is to get (11). Besides paper and a good flat surface on which to work, the only tools you really (12)are ink and a (13)pen. If you’re looking (14)a hobby that’s not only cheap and practical, but will also (15)lovely gifts for family and friends, then why not (16)out more about calligraphy?



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