FCE and CAE practice for the Cambridge ESOL examinations

Use of English Paper 3, Part 3.

Extract adapted for interactive practice from the book Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation, which provides you with extensive practice and explanations.

Art Vazquez, COTE


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The general  idea is to change a word to a different one, like a noun into a verb:

organ - organize

An organ transplant

To organize a meeting

According to the position of a word in a sentence, it is a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. These four are the functions of words. If a word needs to function like a noun, it must be transformed into a noun:

visible - visibility

The visibility is very poor under foggy conditions

If it needs to function like an adverb it must be transformed into an adverb:

care - careful - carefully

The inspector looked at the structure carefully


Read the texts below. Use the word given in CAPITALS at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Write your answer in CAPITALS only. You can consult your score at the bottom of the page. Type the word in the box to cheat your answer.
You can learn how Word Formation works in this book
: Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation

Kitchen Hygiene (FCE)

The next time you go to the supermarket don't
forget to buy the (299)
bottle of kitchen cleaner                       BIG
you can to (300)
your work surfaces.                                         INFECT
Recent (301)
research in America has shown that                    SCIENCE
the kitchen is often the most (302)
of all the rooms                  HYGIENE
in the home.
The (303)
of food, heat and dampness means the                  COMBINE
kitchen is (304)
a breeding ground for bacteria that                 POTENTIAL
can cause stomach upsets and vomiting.
The study at the University of Arizona examined
15 homes over 30 weeks. Levels of (305)
were                         CLEAN
certainly not below average yet cutting boards
and dishcloths were found to contain bacteria in
far greater number than elsewhere in the home.
say ignorance is the cause of the problem                       RESEARCH
and point out that (307)
cleaning can lead to                           ADEQUATE
serious food poisoning.
The (308)
? Make sure you clean all work surfaces                     SOLVE
and keep an eye on that dishcloth!                                  DAY

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Annual General Meeting (FCE)

With this letter you will find your (310)                                      INVITE
to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Please note
that it will take place on 10 September (the last
Newsletter (311)
stated that the meeting would be                    CORRECT
on 9 September). The meeting will begin at 8 PM but
will be available from 7 PM. You will therefore                REFRESH
have time to chat (313)
with committee members                     FORMAL
and (314)
of the Society before the meeting                             OFFICE
At 8 PM, the Chairman will make a brief (315)
speech and then put forward some proposals for
your (316)
There will also be elections to fill the two                 APPROVE
on the committee. The enclosed agenda                         VACANT
gives a full description of the business to be
Conducted at the meeting.

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Try the exercises again to improve your score. How did you feel this exercise? Do you think in can help you improve your score?

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