FCE and CAE practice for the Cambridge ESOL examinations

Use of English Paper 3, Part 3.

Extract adapted for interactive practice from the book Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation, which provides you with extensive practice and explanations.

Art Vazquez, COTE


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The general  idea is to change a word to a different one, like a noun into a verb:

organ - organize

An organ transplant

To organize a meeting

According to the position of a word in a sentence, it is a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. These four are the functions of words. If a word needs to function like a noun, it must be transformed into a noun:

visible - visibility

The visibility is very poor under foggy conditions

If it needs to function like an adverb it must be transformed into an adverb:

care - careful - carefully

The inspector looked at the structure carefully


Read the texts below. Use the word given in CAPITALS at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Write your answer in CAPITALS only. You can consult your score at the bottom of the page. Type the word in the box to cheat your answer.
You can learn how Word Formation works in this book
: Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation

Computers that play games (FCE)

Computers have had the (277)to play chess                        ABLE
For many years now, and their (278)
In games against the best players in the
world has shown steady (279)
. However,                              IMPROVE
It will be years before the designers of
Computer games machines can beat their
challenge yet - the ancient board                                BIG
game called 'Go'. The playing area is (281)
larger than in chess and there are far
more pieces, so that the (282)
of moves is                            COMBINE
almost (283)
. The game involves planning                          END
so many moves ahead that even the (284)
calculations of the fastest modern
computers are (285)
to deal with the                                     SUFFICIENT
problems of the game.
In a recent (286)
for computer 'Go'                                        COMPETE
Machines, the best machine beat all its
rivals, but lost (287)
to three young                                        HEAVY
Schoolchildren, so there is obviously still
a lot of work to do.

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Dress Code (FCE)

UK companies have received (288)from                                CRITIC
a business forum for what their report refers to as
a rather narrow-minded attitude towards the dress
code for office workers. This follows a case in
which a male (289)
working in the post room of a                   EMPLOY
large (290)
in the United Kingdom received a                        ORGANIZE
for wearing jeans to work.                                               SUSPEND
Whilst the report accepts that there is a need for
people dealing with (292)
to look well dressed,                       CUSTOM
it questions whether employees who work behind
the scenes necessarily need to dress formally.
The authors of the report made a (293)
between                    COMPARE
the UK and other European nations where
Employers seem (294)
about the need for their                      CONCERN
workers to wear smart clothes in the office.
Their (295)
is based on research that claims                           ARGUE
workers are far more (296)
when they have the                       PRODUCT
to dress in a way that they feel most                              FREE
in.                                                                                  COMFORT

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