Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the . There is an (0) at the beginning.


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Example: 0

Puppet Shows

Puppets are dolls representing (0) or modern TRADITION
characters in stories. They are a popular form of  

(1) for both children and adults.


Some puppets seen in Europe today were (2) created in ORIGIN
Italy in the 1500s. A puppet show was an (3) way to EXPENSIVE
enjoy yourself so people could go to see the same (4)   PERFORM
again and again.  
So what is the continuing (5) of the puppet show? ATTRACT
Used (6) by artists, puppets have a living magic. CLEVER
However beautiful, funny or (7) to look at, they FASCINATE
are really simple tools used by artists to express their ideas,  
(8) and character. Of course they must have PERSON
great technical (9) but the fun and charm come from ABLE
the way the artists establish (10) with the audience. COMMUNICATE 


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