Word formation

Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the . There is an (0) at the beginning.


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Example: 0


The weather made their progress (0) . As it                  POSSIBLE 

had been raining (1) all night they had to                    HEAVY

be very (2) as they walked through the                       CARE 

thick jungle. Their good (3) would help                         JUDGE 

them overcome the (4) and get back to                       SET

civilisation with only minor injuries.

Although things were (5) they had to be                      BEARABLE

(6) because it was the only way they could                 OPTIMIST

help each other through this difficult situation.

Their (7) , chosen for his knowledge, would help           LEAD 

them in every way. The (8) of this training                  IMPORTANT 

was to (9) them for the special task ahead                  HARD 

of them. However, they had never imagined how (10) DANGER 

it would turn out to be.



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