Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to complete the . There is an (0) at the beginning.


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Example: 0

Food Production

In the not-too-distant past farm animals were able to
live (0) lives in what we would now term NATURE
'free-range' conditions. Such farming methods, however,  
were not able to supply the rapidly growing (1) POPULATE
of the world and the increasing demands on food  
(2) . In order to cope with this rising demand, factory CONSUME
farming methods were introduced along with the (3) DEVELOP
of genetically engineered (4) hormones, which GROW
resulted in a massive increase in food (5) PRODUCE
However, these developments in the use of factory  
farming and drug (6) have led to a widespread TREAT
feeling that animals are being caused a lot of distress  
and that the quality of the food itself suffers as a  
consequence. Certainly, many people (7) with the idea AGREE
of keeping animals in one building for their entire (8) EXIST
and argue that more emphasis should be given to (9) ALTERNATE
farming methods. A growing number of people are  
choosing to eat organic food, supporting farmers who use  
free-range methods, a system which has proved to be  
both (10) and more humane. ECONOMY


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