FCE and CAE practice for the Cambridge ESOL examinations

Use of English Paper 3, Part 3.

Extract adapted for interactive practice from the book Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation, which provides you with extensive practice and explanations.

Art Vazquez, COTE


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The general  idea is to change a word to a different one, like a noun into a verb:

organ - organize

An organ transplant

To organize a meeting

According to the position of a word in a sentence, it is a verb, noun, adjective or adverb. These four are the functions of words. If a word needs to function like a noun, it must be transformed into a noun:

visible - visibility

The visibility is very poor under foggy conditions

If it needs to function like an adverb it must be transformed into an adverb:

care - careful - carefully

The inspector looked at the structure carefully


Read the texts below. Use the word given in CAPITALS at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Write your answer in CAPITALS only. You can consult your score at the bottom of the page. Type the word in the box to cheat your answer.
You can learn how Word Formation works in this book
: Clearing the Thick Woods of Word Formation

Dreaming (FCE)

The first study of what goes on in our heads during
Dreaming has been completed, casting light on an
activity that humans have always found (318)
. The                  MYSTERY
research, reported in the journal Nature, opens up a
new chapter in efforts to understand what we                    SIGNIFY
do with a (320)
of our lives. It supports the                                 THREE
that dreams are formed by calling up images                   SUPPOSE
from a store of emotional memories.
Scientists find dreaming an enormous puzzle.
The reason for their (322)
lies in the                                          IGNORE
complicated design of the brain which contains               ASTONISH
as many nerve cells as there are stars in the universe.
Each of the nerve cells communicates with thousands
of its neighbors, producing an (324)
amount of                          BELIEVE
chatter. Now, however, it seems scientists are
Beginning to make sense of the brainís (325)
activity.                NIGHT

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21st Century Workplace (FCE)

The economy of the 21st century will be based on
skills and (326)
according to a recent report.                              KNOW
The study shows that there will be more jobs in the
Workplace for those with (327)
and the right skills, and               QUALIFY
fewer jobs for those with none. The best (328)
will be                 EMPLOY
one that can demonstrate a level of academic or (329)
Achievement that can enable the individual to
support their CV with evidence of desirable personal
qualities. As well as wanting people who are flexible,
companies are also looking for evidence of (330)
It is also (331)
necessary to be an excellent                                INCREASE
communicator as the majority of (332)
make their                       ORGANIZE
profits from the skills of people selling their goods as
much as from the producers themselves.
The new economy is here to stay and unless
businesses show the (333)
to adapt they may find they                WILL
are (334)
according to the authors of the report.                          SUSTAIN

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