Word Formation, Word Transformation Exercises

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They are meant to test your ability to recognize what the form of a word should be, like a verb, noun, adjective or adverb, with the grammar and a context, or story, to help you.

Like any type of vocabulary, words follow no rules to speak of, other than spelling and some processes that cannot be generalized to every word.

For instance, the word wind as a noun, can be formed, or transformed into windy, an adjective. So you would say that the day is windy, not the day is wind. Or the wind is strong but not the windy is strong. Also you would say truly yours not trully yours, for instance.

So, if you are given a word in any form, you are supposed to transform it into the correct form, including any spelling changes.

Try the exercises in the navigation bar to practice your ability to transform words.

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